Friday, June 26, 2015

Blog Post #10

     As seen in the video, First Graders in Mrs. Cassidy's Class, Mrs. Cassidy is a first grade teacher who uses technology in her classroom through the use of blogs, her webpage, wikis, creating videos, Skype, and even Nintendo DS. Her title for the video, "Little Kids...Big Potential" is perfect! In Interview Wwith Kathy Cassidy Part 1, Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 2, and Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 3 Mrs. Cassidy discusses many different aspects of technology in the classroom. Her approach to technology was for professional use in the beginning but has also evolved into her personal life through the development of her PLN.  She began using technology in the classroom about ten years ago when she was given computers for her classroom, and she wanted to get the most use out of them as possible. Mrs. Cassidy says that "kids and technology go hand in hand." Teachers may as well take advantage of the benefits of technology, because it is here to stay. The students love using technology because they have an audience for their work other than the teacher. They can see how many views their blog has gotten and also receive comments on their blog.
      I agree with Mrs. Cassidy that all teachers should be technological literate. She pointed out that some teachers are do not want to change their way of teaching, but that many are somewhere in their journey to becoming technological literate. My hope is that I will always be somewhere along my journey of not only learning technology, but just learning in general. If I ever stop learning, then I need to stop teaching.
     In my future classroom as a kindergarten or first grade teacher, I will most likely implement the class webpage for my students to use. I like that I can put items on there that are useful for what the students need to work on. The students get to choose what they want to do based on what they need to practice. As Mrs. Cassidy mentioned with young students, they need to be reminded that the focus of the game they choose needs to be educational. If a student repeatedly misuses the technology time by not making wise choices, I would then choose their online activity for them. I would also use her advice in the safety of the students by teaching them to only use their first name and not to post a picture of themselves with their name. I also love the idea of using Skype for the children to talk to experts in the subject that the class is learning. The students would get a new perspective on what is being taught. Technology in  the classroom provides a way for students to learn besides just listening to lectures. It provides the opportunity for students to learn through doing what they enjoy.


  1. I think a class webpage is a great thing to have for your class. It is something that I am interested in doing as well. I really like how you said "if i ever stop learning, then I need to stop teaching". That is a great quote. I agree with you. We are constantly learning, and if we aren't learning anymore, than that is an issue!!! Great post!

  2. I think monitoring your students activities on the computer is a great idea! I like how you would give them an option of proving themselves by allowing them to play the game of there choice! Great post!