Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Blog Post #7

Using iMovie and the Virtual Library in Kindergarten
     In this video, Michelle Bennett explains that one project for Kindergarten students at Gulf Shores Elementary School is to make a book trailer on iMovie. In fact, one of the stations to use in their Kindergarten class while the teacher is working in reading or math groups is iMovie. The students get excited about their final project and want to make sure it is edited perfectly. Their writing has been greatly enhanced by doing these projects. Elizabeth Davis explains how the Alabama Virtual Library works. It is an excellent tool to teach students as young as Kindergarten basic research skills. This site pulls up images and encyclopedias that are perfect for the Kindergarten age. Students can learn how to search by practicing searching a list of animals. Dr. Strange ended this video with the idea of having Kindergarten students make a movie to teach college students how to make a book trailer on iMovie.

We All Become Learners
     Michelle Bennett says that "using devices changes the dynamics of teaching." With the use of devices in the schools, not only are the teachers teaching the students, but the students are teaching the students and even the teachers sometimes. This shift creates an environment for everyone to be a learner and a teacher. Bennett tells of a time when she was taught by a student how to take her picture to put on Padlet. She claims that one thing she does as a librarian is support the teachers by teaching the use of a program to students, so they can use it in the classroom without having to take class time for the teacher to explain how to use the program. The eagerness of the students to show their work to visitors shows that they are excited and engaged, therefore they are learning.

Mrs. Shirley and Ms. Lauber's Students Collaborate
     Ms. Lauber's second grade students taught Mrs. Shirley's first grade students how to make a Key Note Presentation. In the video, the second grader (the teacher) is holding the iPad while the first grader shares her presentation about plants. The first grader did a great job creating and presenting her Key Note Presentation. Having the second grade students teach this skill to the first graders will help strengthen their own skills in using Key Note Presentations.

A Conversation with Two Second Graders: Doing Research and Making Presentations
     Dr. Strange interviewed two second grade students about their presentation on sea turtles. The girls explained in great detail the steps they used to get to their final product, which was a Key Note Presentation. They began by doing research on sea turtles and loggerhead turtles using KidRex or Google Junior. They collected their images and information to put in their presentation. Their final project was presented to their class and the first graders. Both girls said a couple of time that they like doing presentations. They recognize that they are learning new things through this method of PBL.

Christie Whitehead PBL 1
     In this video, Christie Whitehead discussed her excitement as a third grade teacher about PBL and technology. The classroom becomes a community where students and teachers are teaching and learning. The projects are designed in a way to incorporate all core subjects. The students are excited and eager to do more on their projects to the point of asking if they can take it home to do for homework. She says that the possibilities are endless, and the only limit is ourselves.

Mrs. Lauber Interview
     Mrs. Lauber explains the use of the iPad as a learning tool in her second grade classroom. Students are surrounded by technology all the time. They are using the skills that they learn in the classroom to do their own projects at home. Mrs. Lauber starts her PBL with an essential question and a rubric to let the students know what is expected of them for that project. Students begin with pencil and paper to establish the thought process. Then they use their writing in a project such as Key Note Presentation. Their reading for real world research has influenced the students DIBELS scores in a positive way. In this method of teaching, there is more peer teaching, and the teacher is more of a guide in the process of learning.

     A common theme I noticed in all of these videos is that students love using technology in the classroom. They are excited about their work and seem to put more effort into it. The use of project based learning increases performance in many academic areas. PBL also creates an environment in which students and teachers are learners in the classroom. My main weakness is a lack of knowledge in how to conduct a project based learning lesson. Also, a lack of confidence in my technological abilities is a weakness that I need to overcome.  I feel that my strength is the fact that I am willing to learn how to  effectively use this method of teaching to enhance to education of my students.  As I evaluate my skills in conducting project based learning in my future classroom, I realize that at this point I have more weaknesses than strengths. However, I am confident that as I continue my learning in these areas that this ratio will be reversed. 


  1. "A common theme I noticed in all of these videos is that students love using technology in the classroom. They are excited about their work and seem to put more effort into it." Right!

    Keep on learning. "Learning Never Ends!"

    Thoughtful. Thorough. Well done.

  2. "They are excited about their work and seem to put more effort into it." Students that are excited about learning want to learn.

    Very good!

  3. This is a very thorough and great post! I also chose the Key note video where the two students collaborated. They did so well on their presentation!